Why do pets eat feces??

Coprophagia: the eating of feces!

This can be a common behavioral complaint that I get from pet parents. Unlike rabbits, which need to eat their own feces (cecotropes) to extract all the nutrients they need… dogs and cats DO NOT!

Your pet could be doing this because of one of the following:

💩Poor diet or nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition)

💩Intestinal parasites

💩Underlying diseases that may cause pica (ex. intestinal absorption disorder, thyroid disease, bushings disease, diabetes mellitus, etc.)

💩Behavioural issue (anxiety, boredom, avoid punishment when defecating in an inappropriate location)

💩They like the TASTE!!!

What can you do as a pet owner to stop this behavior?

🥗Ensure your pet is on an AAFCO certified, balanced diet to prevent malnutrition

🐛Have your pet on a regular deworming schedule or have a fecal examination done to rule out internal parasites

💉A vet visit to ensure there are no underlying diseases or discuss anxiety medication (if deemed necessary)

🚶Pick up feces as soon as possible

🏃‍♀️Increase your pet's exercise and activity level (puzzle toys, games, social interaction) to prevent boredom

🍍Food additives like For-BID, probiotics, canned spinach, or pineapple can help to alter feces to an unappealing taste

🥊Avoid harsh punishment if they eat their feces. Instead, reward them when they do not!

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