It’s interesting how social media has a way of portraying people’s lives as “almost perfect”. Usually, we tend to post about when things go good and do not share when life throws us curve balls. It makes us think everyone has their lives together. ⁣

Heck, it makes me feel like my life is falling apart in comparison. ⁣

But... this got me thinking. If I think that about other people, I’m sure some of my followers think that about me too. ⁣


What you don’t see is the diagnosis’s that are WRONG, the clients that are ANGRY, the ANXIETY I have about certain cases, the TEARS when I have to put s

omeone’s best friend down, the STRESS about life decisions, the EMOTIONS from my personal relationships, the GUILT when my dog is left at home alone too long, the DISAPPOINTMENT when I go a while without talking to my parents, the SHOCK when I get a speeding ticket, or me swiping through a dating app with a bottle of wine.

This picture is an example of something I didn’t share. This is me attempting to do an ultrasound guided TruCut liver biopsy. I was so hopeful and excited to get a diagnosis on why this dogs liver values were abnormal. BUT, I FAILED. And, I was unable to collect an adequate sample. ⁣

This isn’t a serious example but it is a situation I was hesitated sharing because I thought that clients might think less of me as a vet. ⁣

INSTEAD, I’m trying to learn from it so I can make better diagnostic recommendations next time. ⁣

AND, I’m sharing with you because social media is deceiving.⁣

#Truth #vetgirl

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