Caring for Companions is a charity that was created for and is dedicated to helping provide veterinary care for the pets of senior citizens.⁣

I started the charity, Caring for Companions, back in August 2018 because I had some very tough cases with pets owned by seniors. It is so incredibly difficult to have to euthanize someones best friend for financial reasons. I have a very distinct memory of euthanizing a pet in distress while the older gentleman cried saying ‘you are the only reason I get up in the morning. You are my best friend’. ⁣

Caring for Companions was created to protect and preserve the source of comfort and companionship that pets provide to senior citizens. I don’t want seniors to feel pressured to put their pet down because their pension cannot cover veterinary costs. The clinic I work at, and most vet clinics, do try to help with costs when they can but they are also a business and need to cover their costs as well. ⁣

Two years ago, I started fundraising by making dog cookies in my kitchen and selling them at the clinic and in the community. I did this until I realized I needed to have a licensed and inspected kitchen to be able to do this legally . I then started ordering dog cookies and selling them in the clinic. We have also had some very generous donations from kind people and organizations. ⁣

So far, we have raised $6000.00 to help seniors in the Ponoka community. Thank you to everyone that has donated and supported Caring for Companions! If you are interested in supporting the cause, we have dog cookies at Central Vet Clinic in Ponoka. Or, if you are interested in making a donation, please do not hesitate to contact me! ⁣

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