What you need to know about how we feed the world 

Over the past few decades the agriculture industry has changed drastically. Red barns, old farmhouses, and pasture grazed animals paint a picture that represents a much simpler time.


Now, farming has been transformed into a modern business that employs millions and produces products that are based on consumer demand. On one hand, the modernization of agriculture has had many positive effects as it has increased the efficiency of producing products and minimized multiple farm related risks. We have also seen significant costs with this modernization - it has changed the way a portion of society believes animals should be raised, contributes to groundwater contamination, decreases numbers of family farms, etc.


Consumers demand food that is cheap, safe, and tastes good, and I believe producers have done an outstanding job producing these products. However, as an industry we need to do a better job addressing societies questions and providing accurate information on why animals are raised a certain way. We need to emphasize animal welfare as a key component to successful, sustainable agriculture. 


"I believe we need to continue to work towards educating society about where their food comes from at an early age"


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